About Dave

Dave Lager is the pen name of Dave Ramacitti, semi-retired after a career in marketing.

Dave’s career includes working as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor and publisher, and as a marketing / public relations consultant helping small business be more effective marketers.

Under his own name he has previously published non-fiction books and manuals for the small business market, including:


Do-It-Yourself Publicity;  

Do-It-Yourself Advertising

Do-It-Yourself Marketing

So You Want to Own Your Own Business

The Three Marketing Absolutes: Know Your Customer, Know Your Competition, Be Unique

The Three Marketing Absolutes: A Step-By-Step Guide to Learning About Your Customers, Your Competition and Achieving Uniqueness In The Marketplace;


The All-Important Stuff You Gotta Do First to Effectively Market Your Small Business.


Besides working on his Ro novels, Dave teaches at a local community college. He has been married to his best friend for 25 years and live in Illinois alongside the Mississippi River.