Ro’s Handle

A Ro Delahanty Novel


A rookie deputy sheriff, Ro Delahanty learns not only what it means to be a cop, but what it means to be a true warrior against those who would harm the people she is sworn to protect.

Who is Ro and where did she come from?


At the beginning of the film The Fellowship of the Ring, the first in the epic The Lord of the Rings

trilogy, Bilbo sits down at his desk and is about to start his book…



Where do my Ro books fit-in, genre-wise?

            In descending order of − what? Certainly not importance − maybe dominance, these are the genres that I see my Ro Delahanty books fitting into…

Ro as a Millennial


Ro was born in May, 1982, which, according to demographers and various cultural pundits, makes her a leading-edge Millennial. Here are some of Ro’s traits…