Settings #13: Ro gets her own place

As you know, Ro Delahanty wanted to be a cop since she was in fifth grade – nothing else; a cop. So, it should be no surprise that after graduating from high school in May of 2000, that fall she enrolled in the two-year criminal justice associate’s program at Mississippi Valley Community College (MVCC), over on the Illinois side of the river.

But, like so many eighteen-year-olds in their first year of college, she discovered partying and enthusiastically explored all aspects of that life-style. She did okay in her classes, mostly C’s and a couple of B’s. However, at the end of the year she figured out that while the party-life held a great deal of attraction for her, it was incompatible with becoming a cop – at least a being good cop. It‘d be awkward, to say the least, to be slapping handcuffs on a suspected drug dealer with whom you may recently have had a one night stand.

So, she decided instead of returning to MVCC in the fall of 2001 she would enroll in the Parker National Institute of Criminal Justice’s online bachelor’s in law enforcement program.

And get a job and her own apartment.

The job came first. And was the result of one of those serendipitous coincidence that makes one wonder if there really is something called “fate.”

Ro had met Penny Weiskopf, who was the Lee’s Landing Police Department’s first female officer, when Ro was in eighth grade and had done a ride-along in Wieskopf’s patrol car as part of a career exploration project. Over the years they stayed in contact, having lunch from time-to-time.

In 1997 Weiskopf moved over to the Fort Armstrong County Sheriff’s Department, which is how, in the summer of 2001, she knew the department was looking for a third shift dispatcher and called Ro to see if she was interested in the position. Ro got the job, starting that July.

Then came the apartment.

Ro had certainly never been unhappy living in her parent’s home; it wasn’t like she couldn’t wait to get out. But, at the same time, she always had a strong streak of independence and if she was taking her life in a different direction, getting her own place was simply something she felt she needed to do.

However, since she was only nineteen, someone had to co-sign the lease, which Kate, her mother, was more than happy to do. While Kate had offered to help her daughter explore different apartment complexes around Lee’s Landing, Ro told her the only one she was really interested in looking at was the Westwynd complex.

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