Settings #12 – A re-introduction

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

I changed my mind…

Last fall I started a series of blog posts that I called “Settings,” the idea being they would be more detailed descriptions of geographic locations in my Ro Delahanty novels than I could legitimately fit into the story narrative. The emphasis was initially going to be on the geography of Fort Armstrong County.

I then thought I’d start another series of posts called “Places,” this time focusing on buildings – Ro’s apartment, the Delahanty’s home, and so on.

But then it struck me that the difference between “settings” and “places” was semantical nit-picking at best, to say nothing of confusing for the reader, so, I decided to merge them into one expanded “Settings” series, since they really are all “settings.”

This is a re-introduction of that series; the remainder of these “Settings” posts is now going to include:

Settings #13 – Ro gets her own place

Settings #14 – The Westwynd Apartment Complex

Settings #15 – Ro’s specific apartment

Settings #16 – Her study

Settings #17 – The York Ridge Lane house where Ro grew up

Settings #18 – Her childhood bedroom

Settings #19 – Atti’s childhood “studio apartment”

Settings #20 – Tuck’s condo in downtown Lee’s Landing

Settings #21 – The old sheriff’s department headquarters in the courthouse in downtown Lee’s Landing

Settings #22 – The new Regional Law Enforcement Campus, which included & sheriff’s HQ…

Next: Ro decides to take her life in a different direction

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