Ro as a Millennial

Ro was born in May, 1982, which, according to demographers and various cultural pundits, makes her a leading-edge Millennial. Here are some of Ro’s traits that definitely make her a Millennial:

  • She has a strong sense of independence; wants to be in control of her own life
  • Has a live and let live philosophy
  • Hates gossip, judgmental people, intolerance
  • Is highly competitive, but with herself, not others
  • Is not motivated by money or material goods; rather, is motivated by the challenge
  • Does not like team sports
  • She is tech-savvy enough to get along, but is not a gadget fanatic…
  • …nor is she active in Facebook or Twitter, which she considers a waste of time
  • She is spiritual, but not religious; doesn’t like organized religion; while the Delahantys have a Catholic background — Kate grew up in a Catholic household; Kate and Mike were married in the Catholic church — they do not attend church regularly, not even as C&Es (Christmas and Easter)
  • Very family oriented; as a child — elementary school age — she has a large bulletin board in her room with dozens of pictures of relatives, cousins, her sibling (Tuck), parents…
  • Has very open attitude about sex; anyone should be allowed to enjoy it in whatever form they find enjoyable as long as there is mutual consent
  • When she becomes sexually active, she enjoys it thoroughly and, at least for a time, pursues it enthusiastically

(C) 2017 Dave Lager