Where do my Ro books fit in genre-wise?

               In descending order of − what? Certainly not importance − maybe dominance, these are the genres that I see my Ro Delahanty books fitting into…

               First and foremost, the books are about a strong female lead. That’s the basic goal I started with when I began writing; everything in the book revolves around developing Ro as a character.

               Warning one: She is not a one-dimensional super-heroine, though; she is definitely conflicted about many parts of her life.

               Second, Ro Delahanty is a cop, actually a deputy sheriff, so there are lots of police procedural elements in the books.

               Third, she also finds herself in plenty of dangerous situations, as in fights, chases and shootouts, which I think at least somewhat qualifies the books as thrillers.

               Fourth, Ro has a boyfriend-lover, so there are certainly elements of a romance.

               Warning two: If the books were rated like the movies they would definitely be in the R-category.

               Fifth, Ro has a spiritual-philosophical side; she frets about what it means to be a cop and about where she fits in.

(C) Dave Lager